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What gets in the way of people having great sex with themselves or others? What is the most powerful thing people can do to amp up the pleasure? Return guest and dear friend, Pyasa, answers all this and more (along with plenty of applicable tips for how to how more sexual pleasure in your life).

Follow the link below listen to an interview with Pyasa on the Shameless Sex podcast.


In this article Dr. Patti Taylor reveals 21 questions from the Intimacy Adventure Playbook to help you discover more sensual pleasure with your partner.


Circumcision and Pelvic Healing Follow the link below to listen to this interview with Pyasa on the Shameless Sex podcast.

"Love Hurts" Demystified: 2 Truths to Lear Before Giving Up on Love


Follow the link below to read the full version of Pyasa’s article in the Elephant Journal
“When love knocks at our door, we have two options. We can run (as I did for some time) when the easy intimacy of the hormone-driven honeymoon phase starts to fade, and the triggers start to surface—or, we can stay and choose to use relationship as a sacred mirror and a vessel for transformation.“

3 Magical Exercises to help us Surrender to Pleasure


Follow the link below to read the full version of Pyasa’s article on Elephant Journal.
“Regardless of how body shame originates for each individual, when we take it on, it inevitably leads us to disengage from our bodies and/or spend vast amounts of time criticizing and trying to change it. Essentially, we shut down, hide our light, and dampen our natural erotic energy. Ultimately, this impacts our ability to share intimacy, be vulnerable, and enjoy pleasure…”

Rising in Love with Pyasa Neko Siff on Eros Evolution


Are you afraid of the very thing that will give you the love connection you really want? The secret to a fulfilling relationship and satisfying sex is one and the same. Intimacy Coach and certified Somatic Sexologist, Pyasa Neko Siff, wants to inspire you to cultivate the keys that will help keep your relationship fresh and growing. Join Dr. Martha Tara Lee in her discussion with Pyasa as they investigate the most common relationship obstacle that stands in the way of long lasting love. Learn how to navigate your love relationships with simple tools and approaches that will enrich your life and lead you on a path toward self-realization

Introducing Pyasa Neko Siff - Love Ambassador on The Pillow App


Introducing Pyasa’s collaboration with the Pillow App.
Proven Audio Practices by Proffesional Sexperts that Guide you Both to New Depths of Intimacy, Connection and Love.

How to Transform Pain into Nourishment: An Andean Meditation


Follow the link below to read the full version of Pyasa’s article in the Elephant Journal.

“This simple intentional practice is called Saminchakuy, also known as the Hoocha meditation. It’s a way for us to maintain ayni—sacred reciprocity—with the world around us. Ayni is the one law of the Andean mystical traditions. The Inkas believe that our very survival depends upon our keeping this balance. Their main tenet is, “If you give you will receive, and if you receive, you must give…”

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