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I believe this short film gives an accurate insight into the journey and revelations often inspired by the powerful molecule we call 5-MeO-DMT;

it speaks to the profound inner work required to integrate the wisdom and refinement that can emerge from these extraordinary encounters.

For best viewing, expand to full screen.

1:1 Retreats


We provide 1:1 retreats to meet the individual needs of our participants and give them the personalized attention they deserve. If you are ready to release old traumas and limiting beliefs so you can embrace the beauty of life and your full potential – a 1:1 5-MeO-DMT retreat may be perfect for you. We invite you to book a complimentary Discovery Call to meet us and find out.

We create a safe and well-integrated container which includes an application process, interview, medical screening, preparation sessions, 6-day in-person retreat, and 4 online sessions with an integration specialist to best support long-lasting change.

5-MeO-DMT is a profound molecule with a tremendously positive psycho-therapeutic and spiritual potential, many people report significant improvement in their experience of life satisfaction, and a dramatic reduction of stress, depression, and anxiety after one single session.

That said, 5-MeO-DMT is NOT a magic pill on it’s own. The life-changing transformation you seek requires your commitment, this sacred molecule can initiate your healing process – with the proper preparation and integration in the container we provide – you have an immense opportunity to permanently re-wire yourself with a new perspective and appreciation for life.

What's Included

Application process, interview, medical screening, 2 week preparation process  

Opening Ceremony (Despacho), Two 5-MeO Ceremonies, Daily Morning Meditations tailored for you, Daily Integration Sessions, Trauma Release Sessions, Crystal Reading, Closing Ceremony

4 weeks Online Sessions with an Integration Specialist post retreat

Example of Daily Schedule

Day 1 – Arrive 2pm, Meet, Preparation Presentation & Orientation, Dinner
Day 2 – Opening Ceremony (Despacho), 5-MeO Ceremony 1, Lunch, Integration check-in, Solo Time, Integration Session, Dinner
Day 3 - am Meditation, Breakfast, Solo Time, Lunch, Reading, Integration/Trauma Release Session, Dinner
Day 4 – am Meditation, Breakfast, 5-MeO Ceremony 2, Lunch, Integration Session, Solo Time, Dinner
Day 5 – am Meditation, Breakfast, Integration Session, Lunch, Solo Time, Trauma Release Session, Dinner   

Day 6 – Breakfast, Closing Ceremony

Your investment for this unique 1:1 life-changing retreat is $4,800


We understand this is a big decision – the best way to find out if this is the right choice for you would be to

Apply or, send me a message HERE


We would love to meet you, hear your intentions, & answer any questions you may have.

*Retreats are open dates-contact us for availability.

*Payment plan available for those with genuine intent.

Meet Your Hosts


Pyasa is a certified 5-MeO-DMT facilitator by the 5-MeO-DMT Information and Vital Education Center in Mexico where she is now a guest teacher in the training program. Retired from a full-time career as a trauma-informed somatic therapist, she has dedicated herself to her path as a 5-MeO-DMT facilitator. She is excited to share with you her passion for this magical molecule which completely changed her life when she first encountered it more than 30 years ago. She was introduced to the world of healing and psychedelics in the early 90’s and attributes her mental well-being and joy for life to the therapeutic power of psychedelic medicines and the wise, loving guides who supported her on her path. Her journey of recovery from complex PTSD and depression, (a result of early childhood traumas), cultivated within her a profound compassion and empathy for others facing similar challenges; her experiences sparked her desire to support others in their healing process and motivated her pursuit of education in the field of trauma, sexuality and somatic healing. Read more about Pyasa HERE


Vinaya is a down to earth and well-seasoned mystic who enjoys sharing his intuitive gifts as a service towards humanity’s evolution. He’s been a cherished spiritual advisor to people from around the world for over 40+ years. He is a crystal healer, Reiki practitioner, and psychic reader. In readings, Vinaya utilizes crystals and tarot to receive information from his client’s ‘higher self’; equipped with this intelligence he empowers people to make well-informed choices in regards to their spiritual path, soul-purpose, relationships, and direction in life. Vinaya assists Pyasa in ceremonies and is a loving support and presence during retreats. Learn more about Vinaya HERE


Pyasa and Vinaya have been sharing life since 2001. They work together as a team to create safe spaces for transformation. Combined, they bring 42 years of experience with psychedelics, entheogens, and personal growth and development, both personally, and professionally in support and in service to others.


If you want a transformative journey, I highly recommend you call Pyasa. You may think you’re ok, but maybe you want to be better than OK. If you want to taste the magic, and THRIVE, make the call.

Pyasa's energy is so in tune and focused and divine. I do believe she is really key in making this five journey all that it could be. I feel extremely fortunate, and cannot even imagine doing this healing work with anyone else. There may be other well-meaning and well educated and well attuned facilitators out there. She was perfect for me, and I can only hope that others who need healing, find this door and are willing to step through it.



This retreat was the most life changing experience that I have ever had!

My biggest takeaway? wow.. so so much ... that life is a gift .. that we are all one... that I hold the power of the entire universe within me ... that I am here to open my voice and hold space for humans to remember their full true essence ... that I am always loved because I am love itself...

Since my retreat, I feel way more empowered I am finally stepping into my mentoring business,

I am singing daily and writing songs. I feel so so so deeply connected to life itself, and especially in challenging moments I feel that I have a different approach, I am super calm and I know that I can go through it and see every trigger as an opportunity to courageously look into what life wants to tell me.



I co-founded an Ayahuasca Retreat Center in Peru 15 years ago and had high standards for the type of container I would want do this work in...I felt the process from start to finish was held impeccably. Pyasa truly holds the work with high integrity, authenticity, professionalism, compassion and love. I felt fully supported by her.

My experience with 5-MeO has definitely helped me release blocked energies and I have felt significantly lighter, more positive and optimistic ever since. It is 3 weeks now post my medicine journey and I have gained more clarity for my path going forward and continue to do so. I've felt more motivation and inspiration for creative energy and implementing more healthy habits into my daily lifestyle.

I wholeheartedly recommend Pyasa for a 1:1 retreat with 5-MeO. I feel her open heart and integrity with this work. Pyasa and Vinaya are amazing light workers on our Mother Earth and I am truly grateful to have connected with them, it was a true blessing to have had their presence and support which enabled me to have a more profound and transformative journey. - Jill Levers


We are located between Sayulita & Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The Puerto Vallarta International Airport is just 45 minutes away.


It is well known that many ancient cultures used entheogens to induce altered states of consciousness and traverse the world of spirit for healing and wisdom. We are currently experiencing a psychedelic renaissance as more people benefit from and recognize the positive psychotherapeutic effects of 5-MeO-DMT.  In a safe set and setting, and with proper preparation and integration, this molecule has the potential to help heal deeply rooted trauma.

Bufo Alvarius is a toad from the Sonora desert whose milky white secretion contains the powerful molecule known of 5-MeO-DMT. The secretion is milked from the parotid glands of the toad and placed on a plate of glass where it is dried. After it dries as a sheet – similar to mica – it can  be broken down into golden flakes and smoked via vaporization. Whilst there is no specific evidence proving Bufo to have an unbroken ancestral lineage, 5-MeO-DMT has a history of ancestral shamanic use in the form of some plant-based snuffs. 5-MEO-DMT is considered the most potent psychoactive molecule currently known on the planet.

5-MeO-DMT has immediate effects which can be experienced for 15-45 minutes in length. Though this is a relatively short time, the after-effects are often absolutely life-altering and create permanent change when properly integrated. The effects of 5-MeO-DMT are personal and vary for each individual.


It is difficult to put this Mystical Experience into words – many people have expressed feeling more optimistic about life and a general release from stress, fears and worries. It is common to experience traumas coming to the surface to be healed, a sense of oneness with all that ‘IS”, deep somatic and/or emotional release, visions, and/or profound insights into current challenges in your life. Research has credited Bufo to have anti-depressant, anti-anxiety, and anti-addictive effects.

We work with the 5-MeO-DMT molecule in both it’s synthetic form and with the Bufo Alvarious secretion. The Bufo we utilize been ethically sourced with awareness so as not to disrupt the habitat and wellbeing of the Bufo toad.


Apply or, send me a message HERE to discuss your participation in this retreat.

We would love to learn about your intentions, how we can best serve you, and answer any questions you may have.


I spent seven days in this magical place with the incredible teacher, healer, and medicine woman Pyasa, healing from trauma, clearing limiting beliefs, and facing fears… I experienced 15 years of chronic illness that culminated in May 2021 with what I can only describe as debilitating “mystery” symptoms that no corporate medical doctors could (or cared to) understand, or help resolve.


The dis-ease in my body was so severe that I spent the last 14 months straight trying “unconventional” treatments and practices to not only ease symptoms, but heal root causes. All of them. I can best summarize by saying with the help of teachers like Pyasa I went back to nature and practice techniques the ancients used for millennia, along with other holistic modalities… and healed myself from the inside out.


Some of the hardest, but most important healing work I did was in this beautiful land in Mexico. I am grateful beyond words for my time here and for the deep wisdom and help of Pyasa. I am also thankful for the guidance and support from her partner Vinaya. I take with me so many lessons and the best whole health I felt in my life. The pharmaceutical-first, symptom-patching methods of modern medicine did not work for me.

If any courageous souls out there are serious about transforming their lives through emotional, physical, spiritual, and/or mental healing work I highly recommend Pyasa. I resonate with her personal story of healing herself. She now shares that wisdom by helping others. And when I say wisdom, I mean it. Her depth of knowledge is astounding. She’s trained and experienced in far more modalities than I realized. Importantly, she personalize everything to what I needed for my growth story. And, she’s somehow did all of this in the most encouraging, patient, understanding, and caring way. It’s really hard to describe how amazing this experience was for me. I am forever changed. - Randall

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