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In the Intimacy Adventure Playbook, Somatic Sexologist, Pyasa Neko Siff, presents effective, experiential tools that help couples move beyond daily conflicts and boredom to embrace the pleasures of long-lasting love.

Filled with juicy inquiry, partner meditations, and sensual touch exercises, this guide will spice up your days (and nights!) and transform your relationship by guiding you step-by-step towards living the relationship you desire. 

The Playbook's Virtual Card Deck

Use this virtual card deck alongside your Intimacy Adventure Playbook

The Playbook has 5-star Amazon reviews:


…I am proud to count myself among Pyasa’s teachers, colleagues and friends in recommending this potent offering. I know countless couples will be helped by engaging with this book – each individual in the couple will gain insight into themselves and learn to share themselves more vulnerably and fully in their relationships…



Celeste Hirschman, M.A

Sex Therapist, Relationship Coach and Co-Creator of The Somatica Method


If you have lost the spark in your relationship, if you want to keep it going, if you desire to feel fully known, cherished, seen and honored, in a playful way, you do not want to miss the Intimacy Adventure! I stand by it fully and cannot wait to share it with my friends, clients and most importantly, my man

Anna Rose Renick

Intuitive Lifestyle Coach


The Intimacy Adventure is an invitation for partners to move through all dimensions of relationship together, closer to each other and the core of intimate communication. This is a powerful tool for therapy, couples retreats and adult vacations, for date nights at home, and a great gift idea.



Leslie Le'a Colter

Marriage and Family Therapist


… prepared with much thoughtfulness, attention to detail, with loads of inspirational exercises and meditative practices for couples, there are several ways of using the playbook, from a quick fix to a longer and more sensual exploration of your relationship dynamics. With this book you can discover a renewed sense of wonder and delight as you unveil the power of love to heal and transform. Bravo Pyasa, for such a wonderful offering to the world!


Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita

Tantra Teacher


In this age of non-stop digital distraction, couples need effective resources to help them to celebrate their relationships.  Intimacy doesn’t just happen.  It comes with practice over time. This book will encourage and direct your ongoing practice of intimacy.  Commit to more truth-telling, playfulness, and mindful touch.  Get this book.



Joseph Kramer

Ph.D. in Human Sexuality


“If you take Pyasa’s book into your play – it would be awfully hard NOT to have fun!”


Dr. Betty Martin

Intimacy Coach, Sex Educator, Teacher


Everybody wants harmonious relationship, but how to get it?  We may love our partner, but what about the day-to-day arguments, silences, boredom, and frustrations?  Pyasa Neko Siff steps in at just this critical point with her wonderful deck of cards.  She shows us, step-by-step, how to navigate the dynamics of our soul desires and personality fears, so that we may become free to truly love and enjoy the Intimacy Adventure.  Thank you, Pyasa, for this important contribution to the relationship toolbox.



Becca Tzigany & James Bertrand

Co-creators of Venus and Her Lover

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