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Testimonials for Pyasa:


Pyasa is an incredibly gifted and intuitive healer and I HIGHLY recommend her!

Pyasa made me feel so cared for and loved during our work together. Some deep and painful stuff came up but she held such an unbelievably loving and strong space. I felt safe enough to really face what I had been holding in my womb for the first time.

She made it very easy to let go and allow the healing to come through. She also has an amazing sense of humor which brought light when needed ... She started me on a journey of emotional healing and acceptance that has taken me farther than I could have ever imagined. I will be forever grateful to Pyasa for her work and her beauty. If you get the chance to work with her, don’t pass it up. LOVE!

Maureen W.


My biggest take-away from my time with Pyasa is knowing that I can create the love/ pleasure /touch/ relationship/ fulfillment that I desire/seek within me a lot easier than I thought 🙂 I feel more equipped to move through my emotions when needed (anger, grief, anxiety), and a lot more at peace and excited about being alone and ‘with myself’.


If you’re looking to feel more empowered in your sexuality, have stronger self-love, deepen your understanding of your relationship dynamics, and learn effective tools to release heavy emotions or patterns, Pyasa is AMAZING and I highly recommend her work. I’ve worked with over ten different coaches and healers in the past five years and she is next level potent in such a gentil, loving way.

Ria Hardcastle, creator of The Kreative Kind


Pyasa, what a gift to those who chose to partner with her. Pyasa is an intuitive, educated, and talented practitioner of various healing arts. She has traveled her own healing journey and come out a fantastic partner for yours. Pyasa opens her heart and mind, giving all of her attention and pulling from all of her various trainings and experiences to efficiently guide those willing ready and able through their own healing. What may you experience… forgiveness, joy, love, acceptance, and peace within yourself for starters, and her caring respectful touch can take you through relaxation to ecstasy. Blessings on your way!

Kate Wilson

Doctor of Physical Therapy


Working one-on-one was very powerful for me. I felt like Pyasa was my personal pleasure detective, able to apply decades of knowledge and wisdom to my situation. Books, courses, group workshops–they’re all wonderful but very broad.

I left fully confident that my body is capable of enormous pleasure… My experience was life changing. Pyasa instantly honed in on what would help me most and likely saved me a decade of trying to figure out where to focus my attention.

I can’t speak highly enough about Pyasa’s expertise and, more importantly, the way she embodies what she teaches. It’s so powerful to be in her presence and learn from her. If you haven’t yet had the chance to do one-on-one work, take the leap! Before finding Pyasa, I wasted a lot of time addressing issues that weren’t actually issues, without making any progresses on what really needed to be addressed. Pyasa’s detective work–a magical blend of knowledge, experience and intuition–shifted all that. I now know where to focus my attention for maximum impact and wouldn’t have landed there on my own.



I came to Pyasa for help, with deeply seated trauma, pain, shame. I felt like a broken woman, uncomfortable in my own body, with my sexuality, and my own feminine essence . . .

Pyasa is an extremely gifted, intuitive, and nurturing healer who creates a safe and comfortable space to explore and transcend your deepest pains, I have never felt so loved and so perfect as I did during my time with her!

She helped me embrace and nurture the goddess within. Today I feel like a totally transformed and confident woman and for this I am eternally grateful. Thank you Pyasa for all that you do, you are truly a gift to all women.

Aga Postawska


Something BIG just happened.
Next level of freedom has been achieved.
Pyasa, powerful and beautiful forces are operating thru you. There is some vast Presence in your work!
Deeply grateful to you, the channel of light. Thank you! I feel…refreshed. I feel this new level of freedom integrated in my body. I feel powerful and peaceful.


Thanks so much not only for the work we have done but for your entire presence! I am so open to your insight and direction. You are an incredible woman and I feel doors opening.


Many things moved…

There is a peace inside here now, a presence here now, not involved with past stories, or future stories.
That’s how i feel, present!
Thank you for your love and care, for your presence!
Gratitude to you Pyasa



From the age of 5 yrs onwards I saw anything related to sex and sexual organs as vulgar and wrong.

When I lost my virginity at 14 I just lay there like a dead body, afraid to show any signs of pleasure or enjoyment to my partner. I was terrified that he would think of me as dirty or impure.

This pattern continued up until my 20’s where I was finally able to orgasm in the presence of a partner. However, I still carried the shame and the baggage all the way through my 30’s and into my 40’s. I was never able to really let go and be fully free without those deep feelings of shame and embarrassment bubbling to the surface.

When I decided to do a pelvic release work with Pyasa I really didn’t expect much to happen. I always hear of people having huge wonderful releases during massage and other therapy sessions- but that stuff never really happens to me.

However…..about halfway through my first session with Pyasa I had a MASSIVE release within my pelvic area. It was the energy from an old traumatic event that I had been holding onto for years (which I had no idea was even there!) I can’t really explain exactly what happened but it blew me away!

The most astonishing part was that I was able to cry, Deep long soulful sobs were causing my body to convulse and writhe. I am NOT the type of person who cries easily. Believe me! And as the hot tears ran down my cheeks I had an instant download that told me this is the reason why I have never found true love all my life. Because I have been so busy holding onto this mass of darkness in my pelvic region for so long!

Wow wow wow is all I can say! Since the time I worked with Pyasa, I am way more open and way less blocked in my genital area. For the first time in my life I feel that actually meeting the man of my dreams is something both tangible and something that my soul truly deserves…


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